Alternate email address - Hide email with an alias

Email alias

As you know YOPmail inboxes are public and password free. Hence it is suggested that you choose unique or difficult inbox names. However, some users choose simple names for the sake of convenience. YOPmail is aware of this and is concerned with such user’s safety. Thus, each YOPmail inbox has an unique alias as an added security feature.

Even if you choose ordinarily named inboxes, YOPmail generates an unique alias address for you, visible in your real YOPmail inbox at the top. Using the inbox alias adds to your privacy, as any email sent to your YOPmail alias is Auto-forwarded to your original YOPmail inbox. Anyone checking YOPmail inbox with your Alias will always find the mailbox empty! This way YOPmail address is never revealed and your privacy is protected at all times

You stay protected at YOPmail always!

Alternate email address

Email alias is automaticly generated by YOPmail

Alternatives Addresses can be combined with the Alternate Domains. Just replace "" by an alternative domain.